Foundnone Research Center
Paula on 47th & 5th

Paula was crying and I’m not entirely sure why, it seemed like maybe she was crying in laughter but I did my best to not bring that up. We had two very long conversations about life shortly after asking if she was doing okay, one when we first met, and another when I walked back down 5th ave to ask to photograph her. I shot a ton of photographs, and she really enjoyed it. As I walked across the street and we said our goodbyes, she yelled “ do me right or I’ll hunt you down” with this massive smile on her face. She asked why I wanted her picture anyways. I told her that I love people, and I want to show the all the fucking people different types of people from all over the world. Paula liked that idea… Until next time, friend.

I never got this guy’s name, but he took the compliment about his hat well and offered to sell it for me for $250… “ahhhh fuck off” I yelled as he smiled at me down the street. We were both on the move, but interactions like this make the heat and chaos of summer time New York streets a little more bearable.

I hope y’all enjoy this format better. I guess I should add that I am going to stray away from having a set schedule on trying to get these out. I missed a few weeks and just now had the urge to revitalize this, it’s a Tuesday and I don’t care.

I’ve never done well with handling personal expectations of my art… so I have come to the conclusion that I can’t rush or force anything. Every time I do, I hate what I made a few days later. So these will roll out when they roll out and hopefully it’s more frequent than not. I’ve been in a rut lately I think, working on changing that. Much love to you if you made it this far, the journey is young.


Hi! I’m Zach, I have a lot of random ideas and I take a lot of photographs. This might be a mess, but I hope you enjoy.